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Most style savvy girls know that you have to always be prepared to switch up a look at any time, whether it be due to an accidental spill or the need for a "quick change". Betabrand, an online clothing community based in San Francisco, has shared 10 of their favorite style hacks with us at The Glam District and we would like to add on to those as well but first let me introduce you! Betabrand, releases new clothing every day that is co-designed by their fans. This makes the shopping experience better for shoppers because the people designing what you purchase can relate to you on many levels. Check out my top picks featured under the "Latest Pin" section to the right hand side of the site - especially the ever popular Dress Pant Yoga Pants - and feel free to repin to your Pinterest! You may also see all pant styles offered by Betabrand and place orders now to get ahead on your Fall wardrobe.

Back to the style hacks...

I like to always be prepared for whatever may come my way. Freezing in the office? I keep the clothing items that are noted below at my office desk chair or in my car on stand-by because I am cold everywhereeee I go. You may want to dress up your look some days or keep it simple on other days. A neutral color sweater and a black sweater are necessities for cold offices and work environments so that you always coordinate with that day’s look.


  • Nude Button-Up Thrifted Sweater

  • Nude Sweater with accents (wool trimmings and pockets)

  • Black Plain Cardigan w/pockets

  • Black Cotton Sweater with ruffles and pockets


If your outfit for the day has some wrinkles in it and you just can't make time to pull out the steamer, here's what I do. 

    • Hang your wrinkly garments on a towel rack while taking your shower and make sure the door is closed to trap steam and attack wrinkles.

Some days you may want to just wear jeans or leggings to work but then you realize you have that big presentation at 8am and will be speaking in front of your whole department. Jeggings may save the day in some cases but Betabrand has some great alternatives such as the Taupe Dress Pant Yoga Pants or their Travel Jeans which I can't wait to rock during my travel to New York Fashion Week.


Leave comments below letting us know what works for you!




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