Chris “Breezy” did it again. September 16, 2014 he made a comeback with the release of his sixth studio album, X. Making confessions of love throughout each track, Chris Brown really did his listeners a favor on this one. It’s nice to listen to a song and feel like there is a conversation being held that you can relate to. Most individuals can relate to the lyrics in each song on the X Album. If you take the time to listen to each song, you may be reminded of a familiar situation, that is very relatable. Chris brings back a few artists that we haven’t heard anything from in a minute. There are mentions of Brandy, Akon, and even R.Kelly on the X album. Can you tell yet, that the emotions are really rolling on out on this project ladies?

“I would have died long ago if I didn't have my faith, I see you're starting to hate me..,” these words are performed by Chris Brown on the song “Do Better” featuring Brandy. Could this be a message to the public? Controversy is everywhere that this artist’s name is mentioned these days. Let’s look at the messages through some of Brown’s latest songs selected for the X album.  

“Songs on 12 Play” featuring Trey Songz, relates a R.Kelly-inspired hook with lyrics from R.Kelly hits such as “Bump ‘N Grind”. The old-school R&B spin of “Songs on 12 Play” helps today’s generation to relate to these popular throwbacks.

The emotional Michael Jackson tribute at the 2010 BET Awards, showed viewers how much MJ inspired Chris Brown, even as a young artist. From his style of dance to the feel of his songs, Chris Brown reflects legendary talent. Songs “Add Me In” and  “Fine China” illustrate a “Michael Jackson feel” because of the beat and instruments used on these tracks. “Add Me In” can be heard on any edition of the X Album, yet “Fine China” is the last track on the deluxe edition.

The genre of music on the X Album, differs from your usual studio album. Up-beat songs with a “house-music” beat made the cut for X, as well as a few hip-hop tracks. Radio stations all over the nation and all of your favorite music channels, played the single “Love More” very often in the year of 2014. Featuring, Nicki Minaj, this was one the hottest singles of the year. One song on the X album, that has caught many fans attention, is “Autumn Leaves,” featuring rap artist Kendrick Lamar. Hip-Hop joins pop and R&B with the addition of “Autumn Leaves” on X. This song is one of the most relatable for the reason that it compares love with seasons, stating “If you leave this time I fear that you'll be gone for good, So I hold on like leaves in fall to what is left.”

Jhene Aiko appears on the X Album, featuring on song “Drunk Texting”. A story is told through this song as Chris Brown and Jhene Aiko draw a picture with the words, “I'm looking at my phone thinking, Am I gonna hit send or nah? It's gonna be one of them mornings when I wake up and regret it If Ion get no reply I don't wanna make it obvious that I'm faded, faded, faded.” The situation being discussed in this song, could be very familiar to listeners, especially growing up in today’s society.

A collaboration between pop music and hip-hop are combined on “Came to Do”, which features Akon. This song may remind you of the radio hit, “Love More” as the sound of each of these songs originates from Cali.

The confidence of Chris Brown’s expressive lyrics on the X Album represent the artist in a more mature way through R&B songs, adding new styles in an incomparable way.


Ashley Dior

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