Interview & Concert Review of Luke James House of Blues Dallas Concert. Published in Cosign Magazine in 2013.



Energy controlled the Chandelier Room at the House of Blues Dallas on Sunday,

October 5. Island Records recording artist, Luke James, moved the crowd in a very inspirational

way. Each song performed by James had a directive affect on the audience. The amount of

interaction incorporated during the Luke James concert was unbelievable. Song requests were

taken from the audience of screaming fans, which demonstrated humbleness from the Grammy

nominated artist.

Dressed in white denim, a white tee and black­ leather studded boots, Luke James

performed a number of singles from his newly released, self titled album. Songs such as “Love

XYZ”, “Exit Wounds”, “Options”, and “Stay With Me” filled the room as the crowd chanted each

lyric. The self titled album, Luke James, which features each of the songs above, is now

available in stores or for download on iTunes.

You may not have known, but Luke James has been in the music game for awhile now.

Mr.James is not only a recording artist, but also a songwriter. James’ songwriting skills have

been exercised through songs such as Chris Brown’s “Crawl”, Justin Bieber’s “That Should Be

Me”, and Tank’s “I Hate U”. The hit single, “I Want You”, by Luke James, was nominated for

best R&B performance at the 2013 Grammy’s. The level of expression in each lyric performed

and written by Luke James, proves to listeners why his talent is used both behind the scenes

and on stage. “I Want You” is definitely a fan favorite for this album. James has also appeared

in the 2004 Destinys Child video, “Soldier”. Songwriting for “DC” is also on the resume of the

talented r&b artist. Luke James and Queen Bey apparently go way back, you will see why if you

continue reading.

The opening act for the Luke James concert was female rapper and emcee, Alsace

Carcione. From the point that Alsace grabbed the mic on Sunday night, energy graced the stage

and filled the venue. The female rapper was joined on stage by singer, Diva Sol as they

performed several collaborations. The duo informed Cosign Mag that Alsace can be described

as “the rapper”, while Diva Sol is “the soul” of the two. Diva Sol and Alsace will be releasing two

separate albums by the end of 2014. You can think of them as “the female Outkast”. The bond

between the two is definitely shown to be strong during their stage presence. K.G of Cosign

Mag had the opportunity to catch up with Alsace at the House of Blues on Sunday night, as she

stated, “when you love what you do, its not as hard.”

Expectations from the Alsace and Diva Sol albums dropping in the near future are hip­hop

tracks as well as neosoul tracks. “Hazy Thoughts”, performed Sunday night, is one single to

expect from the anticipated Alsace album.


Read what Luke James had to say during his interview with Ashley Dior and K.G of Cosign. We

had the chance to discuss his experience opening up for Beyonce and Jay­Z’s “On The Run”

Tour, and even cover the topic of love.


Ashley: I understand you’ve done writing for various artists, as well as background singing. How

does it feel to have a tour of your own now?

Luke James: “It’s overwhelming, this is like, I’ve been waiting for this moment all my life, since the beginning,even when I was afraid to do this and I know this is my calling and I know this what I was

designed to do so to be able to be at peace with who I am and do what I’m doing, is just an

amazing feeling of liberation.”

Ashley: You opened for Beyonce at the “On The Run” tour, was there anything interesting that

happened during the tour that you could share with us?

Luke James: “Um.. No, I mean, just great times, just you know, the whole Mrs.Carter family, their amazing,

everybody just treated me with nothing but love and that opportunity to be on such a tour with

one of the best performers of our generation...”

Ashley: Did you hold Blue Ivy?

Luke James: “Nah, I never held her, but she’s a doll, I mean just like any other kid, amazing, full of

possibilities and endless wonders, so I was just greatful to be apart of the family.”

Ashley: Most of your music is focused around the idea of love, so what’s your definition of love?

Luke James: “Thats weird because I’m still trying to figure that out. I think it’s uh, it’s honest, it’s where you

can really let your hair down, and in your darkest darkest darkest moments, that person is still

loving you through it, and you can explore, there’s no limits, it’s limitless, that kind of love.”

Ashley: What is the description of the perfect woman for Luke James?

Luke James: “Confident, true, a lover, kind, understanding, understands that she’s human and it’s okay to

make mistakes, and same here... and you know, sexual, sensual, you know, beautiful, makes

me feel good, makes me feel...good.”

KG of Cosign Magazine: Our last question for Cosign Magazine, seeing that we pretty much give a stamp of

approval to all artists that are doing their thing, is seeing that you got a powerful Cosign

from Beyonce and Tyrese, how does that feel to have such strong “Cosigns” like that in

the game, because they don’t come around that often?

Luke James: “Amazing, you know Tyrese is like, he’s my big brother, it was because of him that I met my

team, way back in New Orleans when we were in high school and he was having a concert and

we were on the side of the building and we just started singing, and he and his team noticed us,

so to get that love from him, is everything you know, that’s family. Beyonce, basically the same

you know, the whole Destiny’s Child family, they’ve been behind us, behind me for every

endeavor that I’ve ever had so, I’m just greatful to have such people like them, to just show me

love, people I admire, I grew up with these people. I could say I was raised by these people,

musically, so it’s awesome...Thank you for Cosigning Me.”

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