My latest skincare secret is aloe vera gel.

Skincare is definitely my latest beauty obsession. I’ve never been too comfortable with straying away from my usual face-wash routine until the past year or so when I began using face masks kind of regularly. 

My skin is considered to be combination-oily which has been a life long struggle of trying to answer the question, “do I even need a moisturizer after I wash my face since it’s so shiny already?” and you do!  

I could talk about why all day, but I’ll let you read some of the reasons for yourself at this L’Oréal Paris Beauty Magazine article. (This is not a sponsored post.)

I still have shiny skin during the day but no where near as shiny as my face was before I started using aloe vera gel. The shininess I see now is more of a glow. 



 Photo cred: Cameraman Stan



Aloe vera gel is my the hidden gem better known as my face moisturizer. I’d seen mentions before of aloe vera being a good natural healer for skin and never thought to try it out to clear up skin and moisturize until recently. I was shopping at Trader Joe’s one day and thought I’d give this product a try at clearing up dark spots on my face. Once I got home and did some research on its beauty benefits, I knew nothing bad would come of it. 




My daily face wash - morning and night time - is simply the Clean & Clear: Morning Burst facial cleanser. After cleaning my face with Clean & Clear Morning Burst I moisturize with my aloe vera gel. I immediately can see a natural glow and shine on my face from the aloe vera. Keep in mind that I'm not saying that you must use those two products together for good results. Definitely use the facial cleanser of your choice and then follow with an aloe vera gel of choice also. There are tons out there and even lotions that contain aloe vera if you prefer that over gel. I've included a list below of some other benefits of using aloe vera, I hope you give it a try because I am absolutely obsesseddd!


  • Clears up acne

  • Heal sunburns

  • Hydrating shave gel

  • Make up remover

  • Hair conditioner

  • Hair moisturizer

  • Prevents aging skin

  • Promote hair growth







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