My self-care practices

It wasn't until my late 20's that I have realized how important self-care is. This is extremely important especially for anyone who has a busy day-to-day life . Unwinding from day-to-day activities and having some quality "me time" is very beneficial to mental health. For me, Sundays are considered as "self care Sundays" with it being the start of a new week. Since I work an actual 8-5 corporate job outside of running my blog, I often need to find a work-life/personal-life balance. 



This list describes things that make me happy and are a part of my self-care routine.


1. Doing my hair: not just day-to-day hair styling, but I mean actually spending the hours that it takes to wash, condition, deep-treatment and style. Usually only done on Sundays, to prep for the week.


2. Skincare: if you read last weeks Dior Daily post about my love for aloe vera, this is a part of my skincare that I consider as self-care. By me simply following my face cleansing and moisturizing routine, I feel so much better after a long day.

3. Listening to my fave jams:  I usually turn on my Apple Music app when I'm in my quiet room cleaning, doing my hair or just getting ready for the day. Also, when it's shower-time, turning on music is relaxing to me. 


4. Watching funny videos: @iamzoie on IG is my ultimate faaaave. We're all guilty of laying around on on our phones scrolling through social media but it's necessary sometimes to unwind from the day. Instagram is the app I use the most and @iamzoie always gives me a good laugh. Check out his "It's Friday" dances each week!


5. Listening to a podcast: I count down to Thursday each week literally for this podcast, The Read is so relatable in the way that the hosts, Kid  Fury and Crissle, have conversations about different subjects in pop culture and more. It literally feels like having a conversation with your best friend when I'm listening to The Read.  


Let me know how these work for you!



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